Managing WooCommerce® stores, re-imagined.

Incredible fast, distraction-free interface, intuitive options, more functionality.
Managing WooCommerce® stores easy as it should.

Coming in 2022
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Managing WooCommerce stores, re-imagined

What is this?

We've been developing custom WooCommerce® stores for a while. We've also developed advanced integrations with Shopify®, Magento® and other e-Commerce platforms. In these implementations we had to guide clients through the power of using WooCommerce® but also through some of its drawbacks.

One thing that constantly came up as feedback from our clients was how the backoffice experience of managing a store was so much more cumbersome with WooCommerce® than with other solutions available in the market. We heard things like a less clear interface, slow-ish behaviour, options hidden away from sight and functionality that was either missing or not optimised for their daily operations (from stock management, to product adding and editing). These were specially true for people that either had no e-commerce experience at all or had large scale websites where seconds do count.

Having a background in creating custom web applications from scratch we've decided to use and expand on the power of the WooCommerce API to create a optimised, distraction free and user and design-driven admin interface that can make it faster and better to manage an online store. We've decided the best approach for this was to build it up as we would any other of the applications we deal with: based on iterative feedback from real clients (i.e. not developers) and as a solid, cohesive and complete product that can be shipped.

Although we strongly believe a more walled garden approach is going to allow us to ultimately create a better customer experience, we want to give back to the community that made it all possible and therefore, when launched, WOW Dashboard is going to be fully open source and work on a freemium model where most of the value is provided for free to users all around.

WOW Dashboard

What can you expect?

Design Driven

To create a new admin experience we talked with users and went back to the drawing board in order to wireframe, design and test an experience that could delight users. We also brought the admin interface full screen realising, from feedback, that most users while managing their stores do not need to see all of the other options WordPress provides through wp-admin.

Fast and Smooth

Although still a bit of a work in progress (we're still developing and testing) we focused on making the admin interface feel as fast and smooth as possible. Through carefully planned UX interactions and a continuous process of optimisation and caching we hope to bring live an admin experiene that not only looks but feels different.

Backed by New Technology

Following the spirit of open source, we carefully selected new technology that would make the dashboard possible. Our frontend uses React to power all of the UI and UX interactions and communicates with a leveraged WooCommerce API that we extended and optimised.

Free and open source

Although there will be a freemium model in place, WOW Dashboard will be fully open source and will be free for all users for all of its basic functionality. If you're interested in hearing more about it please reach out to us (we're at

Backwards Compatibility

We'll provide custom integrations for a lot of plugins (such as ACF or Yoast) to give them a native and fleshed out way to be used from within WOW Dashboard. However, we'll also allow you to continue using all of your existing WooCommerce add-ons and plugins without breaking your site. On top of all of it, you can still access your good old wp-admin.

Leveraging your data

As we were reimagining and re-thinking the entire experience we noticed many data pieces that although exist were not being leveraged by store owners. We now show advanced insights and statistics that enable store owners to make smarter decisions.

Smart Search

Throughout the entire admin interface we've tried making search as smart (and also as intuitive) as possible by merging an actual search with a filtering possibility. Want to see your orders from customers in the UK, that have purchased over 5.000 EUR? No problem.

Powerful Reporting

Following the generic direction WooCommerce® is going on, WOW Dashboard will provide powerful reporting tools that allow store owners to get easy access to information that would take a long time to compile otherwise. Automatic performance and sales reports can also be setup to be mailed.

An experience owners will love

More than anything, we went above and beyond to create an experience that can delight store owners. We believe the path for the success of this open source e-commerce platform is by providing a UX and flow that still matches that of the main proprietary competitors without the need for a developer or a ton of customisation while retaining its well known benefits.

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A design driven process

We've talked to 150+ store owners. From small boutiques and startups to stores processing over 200.000 EUR in sales a month. We understood the different scope of needs and still continue working with some of these store owners so they can help us validate our assumptions: be it at the conceptual stage, design or, pretty soon, with the delivered implementation. We knew we had to make it useful for store owners, not for developers, and the only way to do that is to hear and learn from them.